NaNoWriMo and the US election

I know I have no right to write about this, because I am not American and not living in the US.
But knowing that the US politics influences our politics also, and that the “boss” of America is in effect the ‘boss’ of the world I am very much affected by this outcome.
I was wathcing the great speech by President Obama, and I started crying.It is quite a few years ago that I had tears running down my face. It totally took me by surprise.
Could there be more opposites as Obama and Trump?
What’s all this got to do with NaNoWriMo? Well, I wasn’t doing great with NaNo, due to software problems, etc. Yesterday evening or today I was all pumped up to get going again, now everything is working again.
And then I got hit by a big hard ball of depression.
I can’t stop thinking about how, how the xxxx could this happen?! I think that at least 50% of Americans are women, right? Okey, the stats showed that almost everywhere where Trump won, it was with under 50% of the votes. But over the last few months I’ve heard so many men, and woman, tell that they were very much against D.T.
Again: how is this possible?

Please GOOD people in the USA, please give me some hope for the future, so I can concentrate on my writing again.
And I have true sympathy for you, good people, I really do.


Why NaNoWriMo

Why NaNoWriMo Why?


It’s that time of year again, when writers of all kinds ask themselves ‘To NaNo or not to NaNo?’.

For me it was easy, because I had sworn to only do Camp NaNoWriMo, in April, and not not not, not do the 50,000 word horror of November ever again.

Then the second half of September came. YouTubers I love to watch started talking about preparing for NaNo. I could feel myself getting sucked in… I started thinking thoughts like: ‘if I would do Nano, would I want to continue the novel from last April (and last years Nano), or would I want to start with a clean slate. Okay, a whole new novel, but about who and what? I am lucky there is enough time to prepare it well’.                                            Prepare for what?! I am not doing NaNo!                                                                                             Oh snap! Who am I fooling, I am preparing to do it, I just can’t not do it. Yes, I confess, I am a junkie.

Why? Why do I want to this, knowing there’s no chance I could do 50,000 words in one month? That I have enough to write on my to do list. That the story I’ve come up with is at great risk to be very boring to read.

So enough good reasons not to do it.

So why do I still want to do this, do Preptober and NaNo-November?

Although I probably won’t get anywhere near the 50K, chasing that goal will keep me very productive the whole month. It will help me to re-install the write (almost) daily habit.      I will have a first draft that I maybe can turn into a not too bad novel. One that I can finish within a year.                                                                                                                                               Also NaNo helps to postpone my winter depression a whole month.

And because it just is great fun to participate. And NaNoWriMo has a lovely community, great forums, and great inspiration, tips, and ideas.

If you let yourself get totally sucked in, you just might end up with a first draft of 50,000 words, or more.

#NaNoWriMo  #Preptober

This is not nice Evernote

Evernote you have disappointed me so very much!

You have been advertising Evernote as a great way to work on any one of the diverse things that we use to create.

And now you told me that I can use Evernote on no more than just two of my “gadgets” that I very regularly use.

I have to change often, because of my chronic disease.

What is the advantage  of Evernote over other writing apps, when I can not use it on the instruments of my choice?

I know that I could buy the upgrade you are constantly trying to sell me. I even have one or two codes for a free upgrade, for three months.

Not for six months, as it was sold to me, by the way.

And starting with an upgrade, getting into working with it, and to have to rearrange my work routine again within three months is not good for me.

So, I do not want the upgrade, not for three months, not even a free trial, thank you very much.

When will software companies finally catch up to the fact that a lot of PC, tablet and smartphone users are over 60 years old. Ever heard off the baby boom?

We are over 60, and we are many!

Camp NaNoWriMo May 1st

Thank God it’s over?

Oh no it isn’t, nor would I be happy with it all being over now.

I will try to write about 20,000 words of fiction in May, and in almost every month after that.

I can very well understand that you think TGIO, after having written 50,000 words or more in a month. But that is one of the nice things about Camp NaNoWriMo, that it is very stimulating to write, without having to do more than is a realistic and healthy goal for you.

For me even 20K is a challenge, although it depends a lot on how many days I can find the energy or fitness to write.

The good news is, that I now not only know I can do 20K a month, but that I’m getting over my “typing block”. I still prefer very much writing with a (e-)pen, but now I can if I’m pressed for time, or my hand tells me it can no longer stand holding the (heavy and big) e-pen any longer, I can do some typing, which means getting more words written in the same amount of time.

Especially when I have a very clear outline for the next scenes, typing is now a possibility.

My goal for each week will now be: 5,000 words of fiction, 3 to 4 blogs, or articles, or other writing work.

Now I have to figure out what to do about or with Facebook and Twitter, without it taking up much too much of my time. I really suck at keeping up with Social Media. I still have no clues about how Google Hangouts or Google+ work.

I need a younger brain to help me with those kind of things.

Camp NaNoWriMo blog 5

Camp NaNoWriMo blog 5

The less words I write the more tired I get. Not from doing nothing, but from trying to be able to write, to update, etc. But from pure frustration.

Why? Yes that is the question! Why Lenovo (=my laptop), but especially why Microsoft, why do you always sabotage me so much everytime I try to do NaNoWriMo? I used to think it’s the time of year, when my hardware and software were causing lots of troubles or seized working towards the end of October and during November.

But now, the first time I am seriously participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, Microsoft is doing everything in its power to get me into the madhouse it seems. So it does not have anything to do with the time of the year, nor the time a specific gadget or software had been running. What is it then? What kind of Gremlins are so actively against me succeeding in a NaNoWriMo?

Me doing this does not hurt anybody or anything. (Well, my pets might get a little less attention, but that is not so bad during Camp NaNo.)

And some people who were quite okay with me doing NaNo in November, seem to have lost the will to be supportive now I am putting writing high on my priority list.

Well there is only one thing I can do now. I have things working again now, enough to type my texts in Google Drive. I have lost all the writing time of this weekend to the battles with  Microsoft and my Lenovo. (And A Lenovo is a good laptop!).

I will take my revenge, by succeeding in reaching my goal of 20,000 (or more) words this month.

I’m hoping that everybody who has ever had issues with Microsoft, (and who hasn’t) will be rooting for me to succeed this month. And maybe also in July, and in…


Camp NaNoWriMo Blog 4

Camp NaNoWriMo Blog 4


It’s already the 20th of April. Yesterday was the first day since the beginning of this month that I was on schedule, on the official schedule from NaNoWriMo. Of course that was a big relief. But: my personal schedule is different, because I know that there will be days on which I won’t have the opportunity to write. And/or days on which I’ll just be able to write a little bit.

My total word count is now, just into day 20, 13,625. I think that I really need to get it to at least 15K today. Which means I have to write at least 1375 words of my novel today. Which probably does not sound like very much to most NaNo-ers, who probably may have done the November NaNoWriMo, a few times, which is 30 days of 1,667 words a day.

For me it is not impossible to do 1375 words, but it’ll take me quite some time. And that’s not a big problem because I really feel that I want to write. I love to write. And for the next 2 scenes I have enough ideas about what has to happen in those scenes. So everything is fine and there is no reason for me not to write 1400-1600 words today, right? Well… there is a dog that needs her walk, groceries that have to be bought today, laundry, etc. Life happens. All those things should just be a break in between writing sessions. We’ll see.

And with ‘writing sessions’ I really do mean writing, as in with a pen. Just like last November I ‘m writing almost every word of my novel, and most of my blogs, with one of my e-pens. I still have a severe case of “typing block“. Maybe I should ask a psychologist or so about it someday, because I don’t understand it, at all.

Sometimes, but quite rarely, I can just go sit down in front of a computer my hands above the keyboard and just type away. Mostly when I’m doing a blog or a journal entry or so.. Almost (totally?) never when I’m working on my novel. Only if I’ve written a piece with a fountain pen and I need to type it in, in my computer.

It’s a strange phenomenon, and I wish I could get over it, because typing is, even for me, done much faster than writing it, uploading it into my computer, plus correcting it. I would be a lot more productive if I could 3, 4 or 5 days a week just open up a Word, a Google Docs, or even a Scrivener document, and start typing, for about 11/2 hours at a time, with more than one session on 3 days of the week.

Sometime soon I will give myself a good kick in the… you know where, and make myself type a whole scene. And again. And again.

Any tips, any advice? Please comment!



Camp NaNoWriMo blog 3

Camp NaNo is a week old now, and 2 days more.

For me it’s been a week with a lot of ups and downs.

Sometimes it seemed that the anti NaNoWriMo gremlins that come to live every year in October and November had woken up.

I’m very happy to report that it were only a few of the weakest, smallest ones.

Although, the one that did not attack any thing, but attacked me saturday was quite successful. I bumped into a sharp corner with my head. Since then I’m feeling not so well, and have a headache all the time.


But more important: I’m still on schedule, that is the camp’s schedule for 20.000. But that is based on writing everyday of the 30 days. I know that I can write on about 20 of the 30 days.

And I still have no “buffer” for days that don’t go as planned.

We are right in the middle of week 2. In the dreaded week 2 of every NaNoWriMo I did, I really got into a terrible ‘slump’.

I don’t know why, maybe Camp NaNo is different, but so far I’m not without inspiration or the wish to be writing.

Can you have too much inspiration? I’m afraid I’m adding too much to my story.

Any opinions or advice would be very welcome.


I sure hope things are going well for you campers.

And remember week 2 will soon be over and you will be across the halfway point.

Before you know it, April will be over.

So: write, write, and write some more